Child Support Arrearages and Enforcement in Utah

child support arrearage enforcement Utah

In many divorce situations where children are involved, child support will be a significant area of concern for both parties. Utah child support laws function based on statute, where the parents’ combined income is determined and the “non-custodial” parent(or in a 50/50 joint custody situation, the parent who earns the most)is ordered to pay his … Read more

The Importance of Asset Protection & Estate Planning

Should you consider asset protection and estate planning now

Asset protection and estate planning are comprehensive strategies that allow you to preserve the wealth you accumulate and direct the distribution of that wealth during your lifetime and after your death. Many people mistakenly believe that having a Last Will and Testament is enough, but comprehensive estate planning also anticipates and makes provisions for what … Read more

Determining Division of Property and Debts in a Utah Divorce Case

division of property during divorce

In Utah, divorce cases require an equitable division of property and debts between the parties. Although an equitable division starts from the proposition that “equitable” means “equal,” “equitable” actually means “fair.” There are exceptions to what gets divided, and what’s still left in the pot does not always end up getting divided equally. Rarely do … Read more

Asset Protection Trusts vs. Voidable Transfers

Asset protection trusts by be subject to voidable transfer risks

Asset Protection Trusts provide a way, under the right circumstances, for people to protect assets from the collection efforts of their creditors.  Protecting existing assets may be especially important for high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and people who work in professions that place them at higher risk of being sued. The Utah legislature has been at the … Read more

Real Estate Law; Boundary By Acquiescence

A common problem faced by many Utah landowners, including homeowners in residential subdivisions, is what happens when the fence line of your property doesn’t match up with the boundary line as determined by a survey of the legal description found in your deed?  This question may become quite important because improvements, such as garages, etc., that may not … Read more

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