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Child Custody with Father and daughter

People commonly believe that the issue of child custody of the minor children in a divorce case will always go in favor of the Mother unless she is shown to be “unfit.” Our child custody lawyers in Utah know that this just isn’t true.

Unfitness is what the state must prove (and by clear and convincing evidence) before it can take children away from their parents permanently, or what Grandparents must prove if they want to try to get custody instead of one or both parents. That process usually plays itself out in the context of a child welfare proceeding in the Juvenile Court where both parents have been accused of abuse or neglect of the minor children.

How Courts Determine Custody After Divorce

In the divorce context, where the decision is almost always between the Father and the Mother, both of whom are probably good parents, the question becomes what would be in the children’s “best interest,” i.e., who is likely to be the better parent for these children going forward.

There is no legal presumption that this will be the Mother. This “best interest” standard takes into account a myriad of factors, from who has been the children’s primary care provider in the past, to who is more compatible with the children. The bottom line is that child custody is generally awarded to the parent who appears best able to provide the stability, nurturing, and training that the children need to help them grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults and contributing members of society.

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A Good Divorce Attorney Can Help You Maximize Your Custody of Your Children

Custody is not necessarily an “all or nothing” proposition, with one parent being awarded physical custody and the other parent getting visitation rights to see the children “one evening a week and every other weekend.” Various forms of joint custody rights are also available, where the children spend more-or-less equal amounts of time with both parents, and the parents share decision-making authority with each other.

The Utah legislature recently enacted a statute that creates a rebuttable presumption that joint legal custody (i.e., joint decision making by the divorced parents) is in children’s best interest. Thus, the current trend seems to be toward joint custody.

Less frequent is the “split” custody situation where one parent has primary custody of one or more of the children and the other parent has primary custody of the rest. Split custody is not frequently ordered because keeping the children together is usually seen as being in their best interests.

Experienced Utah Family Law Attorneys

As Utah Child Custody Attorneys in Salt Lake City, at J.D. Milliner & Associates we will fight to help you make sure your children get the custody arrangement that is best for them. We are experienced in family law, and are here to help with evaluating your case, filing a divorce petition, division of property, divorce modification, and fighting to achieve a result that works well for you and your children via an appropriate combination of mediation and litigation. Our attorneys are up to date on the alimony and child support laws.

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Child Custody FAQs

Can Child Custody Matters Be Resolved Outside of Court?

Divorcing parents who want to work out their own custody and visitation arrangements can do so rather than having the Utah courts decide. This can be done through an informal negotiation or a dispute resolution proceeding, like mediation. However, working with an experienced family law attorney is essential to protect your parental rights and achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

How Do Utah Courts Determine Child Custody?

In Utah, custody and visitation arrangements are based upon the best interests of the child. Joint legal custody is typically awarded unless specific circumstances can be proven. When deciding who gets physical custody, several factors — including the level of care provided by each parent, the child-parent relationships prior to divorce, and the character of both parties – are taken into account.

Will Moving Out Affect Your Child Custody Arrangement?

Moving out of the marital home voluntarily can have a significant impact on the outcome of your custody case. The court may view you as willingly disrupting the family routine, and it may seem as if you don’t have a problem seeing your children less often. Before making any plans to move, consult with a family law attorney to explore your options and get guidance on how to proceed.

How Do You Prepare for Your First Child Custody Lawyer Meeting?

To make your initial meeting with your attorney go smoothly, bring a list of questions – that way, you won’t forget to discuss anything of importance. If you were served any legal documents, bring them, as they’ll let your lawyer see your spouse’s legal strategy. For cases involving child support, financial documents can be helpful, too. And your first lawyer meeting is the time to mention any potentially incriminating evidence that could be useful or detrimental to your case.

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