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“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and leave us naught but grief and pain, for [once] promised joy.” (Robert Burns, 1785)

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the future we’ve tried to build with a spouse or significant other begins to fall apart. Sometimes it can be salvaged, sometimes it can’t and you find yourself in need of an experienced divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At J.D. Milliner & Associates, we have many years of experience dealing with the issues commonly involved in divorce cases and, because of our additional backgrounds in business law and trust, estate and probate law, we are also well equipped to assist business owners and professional people through the less common issues that are also involved in their divorces. As a result, our divorce lawyers in Utah County regularly represent small business owners and professional people, such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, in their divorces and related proceedings.


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Make Sure Your Divorce Attorney is Experienced in Utah Family Law

When your marriage is headed for dissolution, it often feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under you, you’ve had your breath knocked out, and you no longer have any control over your own future or the futures of those you care most about. At these times, it’s vital to have an advisor who can help you understand your family law rights and options, as well as the rights and options of all the parties involved in the process; and to have an advocate who will go to bat for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

As divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City, that’s what we do. We are experienced in the area of Family Law and, because we have lived and worked in Utah for years, we are part of and understand the local culture, including religious issues that may be lost on those who haven’t.

While most of the issues involved in Divorce Law are similar across the country, Divorce Law itself is very state-specific. It’s better to have a divorce lawyer who’s actually been practicing divorce and custody law locally, rather than a franchise of some out-of-state law firm with catchy radio ads. And, don’t be fooled by mediation mills that try to convince you that “divorce without lawyers or courtrooms” is the way to go. At best, they must remain neutral and cannot advise you as to the law and your rights. At worst, they’re attempting to practice law without a license.

Every divorce case must go to mediation before it can go to trial, and most divorce cases actually settle in mediation. It’s far better, however, to go to mediation when the case is actually ready to settle, with an ethical mediator and attorneys who have your back, than to rush into it and either blow what may be your one shot at mediation without reaching a settlement or worse yet, cut a bad deal for yourself and your children because you were not well advised.

Know Your Rights & Have a Game Plan:

J.D. Milliner & Assocaites, P.C. | Divorce & Family Law in Salt Lake City, Utah -- Lobby & ReceptionIn our experience, too many people when faced with an impending divorce simply crumble and give in to unreasonable demands made by their soon-to-be-ex-spouse hoping that things will be better for everyone if they do, or even that the other party may have a change of heart and things may be avoided entirely.

Unfortunately, it seldom works out that way. Too often they come to see us after a few months, or years, have passed since their divorce and they realize that they and/or their children just can’t live with the deal they made. At that point it’s more difficult, and more expensive, to try to undo what’s already been done and get back to what would have been a fair resolution if they’d sought out our assistance early on and stuck to their guns throughout the process.

As divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City, at J.D. Milliner & Associates our approach is to counsel with our clients to make sure they understand what the realistic possibilities and probabilities are, help them set reasonable goals and objectives, and then stake out an aggressive, but reasonable, position early on. By doing this, we retain the respect of the court and usually gain the respect of the other side. Better things happen when you’re respected!

A Good Divorce Lawyer Helps You Understand the Process

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To learn more about specific areas of Divorce and Family Law we can assist you with, please click on any of the following links:

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Divorce & Family Law FAQs

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Utah?

In Utah, divorces can be at-fault if certain grounds – such as adultery, violence or alcohol addiction – can be proven. No-fault divorces are also granted in the state of Utah, so you can get divorced without the consent of your spouse. However, either you or your spouse must have resided in a single country for a period of at least three months prior to filing the petition.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Utah?

The amount of time that passes between the date of filing and the date the judge signs the divorce decree can vary depending upon the complexity of the issues and the level of hostility between the two parties. Most cases take a minimum of three months, but if you and your spouse aren’t in agreement about child custody, property division or some other terms, the process will take longer. An experienced divorce lawyer can give you an idea of when your case will reach completion.

Is Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Really Necessary?

The state of Utah doesn’t require you to hire an attorney, and it is possible to get through the process without legal assistance. That said, divorce laws are quite complex – and judges aren’t all that patient with people who are uniformed or unprepared for court. Working with a divorce lawyer is the best way to protect your rights and interests, and having an experienced attorney at your side can make all the difference in terms of easing your stress.

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost?

Attorney costs can be difficult to predict, but reputable Utah divorce lawyers – like the team at J.D. Milliner & Associates — will be upfront about their fees and answer questions about the expenses you might incur. Your attorney can also help you explore options, like mediation and out-of-court settlement, to avoid the high costs of going to trial.

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