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With more than 25 years of experience, at J.D. Milliner & Associates, P.C. we know what you’re looking for in a Utah Business Lawyer, a Trust, Estate & Probate Attorney, a Family Law Attorney (a/k/a Divorce Lawyer), or a Litigation and Appeals Attorney in Salt Lake City. You want someone who knows what they’re doing, is responsive to your questions and concerns, and provides the quality legal services you need at a competitive rate. That’s who we are and what we do.

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To ensure our competence, we limit our practice to the following inter-related areas of the law: Business Law (including contracts, real estate and bankruptcy), Trust, Estate and Probate Law, Divorce and Family Law, and Litigation and Appeals in support of these areas. Rest assured that your case won’t be our “first rodeo.” From the outset, we strive to educate you and keep you informed of your options, the current status of your case or transaction, and what the probable outcome(s) may be. After all, it’s your case or transaction. You should be fully informed so you can make the important decisions that affect your life!

Quality Legal Services at Competitive Rates

Our ultimate objective is to deliver high-quality legal services at a competitive rate. We do this by recruiting, training and retaining talented attorneys, focusing on our inter-related practice areas, and keeping our overhead low. We believe that our clients will judge us by the quality and value of our legal work rather than by a prestigious (i.e., expensive) address in a downtown office tower, extravagant office décor, or an over-the-top web site. Our egos are just fine without all that stuff. Why should you have to pay for it?

Whether your problem is related to your business (entrepreneurship, formations, corporate governance, transactions or litigation), your finances (including the possibility of business or personal bankruptcy), your marriage or children, asset protection, a trust or estate planning (yours or a family member’s), we can help you find the right solution at a reasonable cost. That’s just what we do.

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    John P.
    03:14 22 Mar 21
    Dave does great work and has wonderful expertise in business law, family law, probate law, and estate planning. I refer all of my family and friends to him if they ever need an attorney and have done so on numerous occasions. He gives great legal advice and also ensures that each client is given the best work and full attention to their case at a very reasonable rate.
    Jamie B
    16:54 15 Jun 20
    Very professional law firm.
    CowboyGear C.
    21:57 17 Feb 20
    I came to JD Milliner and assoc with a situation regarding a trust. Attorney Jacob Stone did an excellent job handling my situation. I would highly recommend Mr Stone and the rest of the staff at JD Milliner.Dennis Williams
    Craig H.
    23:14 14 May 19
    These lawyers are honest and do their best for you.
    Ethan H.
    04:41 09 Feb 17
    This firm handled my divorce better than I could've imagined. I had a crazy ex that would not budge on any of her demands, and somehow we came out on top. I was living in San Diego at the time and handled all of my communication with my lawyer Jennifer over Skype, email and cell phone. It worked out well and I was happy they could accommodate my needs with my unique living situation. Divorce is brutal, and these great people were very patient with me even when I was acting rude and frustrated (and I apologise for that). My ex hired a big shot lawyer that probably cost double what I paid and JD milliner pulled out some lawyer magic in our mediation. I was in shock and awe that they struck me the exact deal I wanted. My ex didn't even get close to what she asked for (she didn't deserve it trust me). This law firm is very professional, even in the face of my ex wife's lawyer acting out of line. They helped me out of the most stressful time in my life and for that I will always be grateful.
    Cheryl B
    04:03 09 Feb 17
    I overheard a former domestic relations commissioner comment that if she were ever in need of an attorney, she would turn to David Milliner. I am glad that I did. At first, I was going to try to do my divorce on my own, but I soon realized there were many issues I had not considered. David brought many of these to my attention and made sure that my important immediate and future needs were addressed. I found him to be both assertive and reasonable.
    Mario M.
    19:25 08 Feb 17
    My experience was great, going through multiple extremely complicated legal issues J.D. Milliner did a fantastic job. My assigned attorney left to pursue independent practice at the end of my case and J.D. Milliner approached the option to stay with them or transfer to the attorney who handled my case. That option or choice was to my best interest as the client, which I found honorable. I chose to let the attorney who handled my case to continue to do so regarding that specific legal issue. I continued with J.D. Milliner regarding my divorce and related divorce matters. End results were to my expectation and more.
    Lorene G.
    22:53 07 Feb 17
    We found ourselves named in a bankruptcy trying to eliminate a debt owed to us. J.D. Milliner & Associates, P.C. got right on that and promptly filed the necessary paperwork to stop it. The Bankruptcy lawyer had used a few tricks to keep us from finding out about the bankruptcy until it was too late to do anything about it. J.D. Milliner & Associates, P.C. stopped that. They got us a judgement which covered our legal costs and the terms for our re- payment. It would not have happened without the professional help from this great firm and J.D. Milliner. Thank you.
    Thomas G.
    17:51 07 Feb 17
    Extremely satisfied with my experience with J.D. Milliner & Associates. Their attorneys and staff were friendly, knowledgeable and very reliable. I couldn't appreciate their efforts any more. I would absolutely recommend J.D. Milliner & Associates to my friends and family who may need legal assistance.

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