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Only one who is well acquainted with the evils of war can decide how best to carry it on.”
(Sun Tsu, The Art of War, late 5th Century B.C.)

Fortunately, litigation is a "civil" form of warfare.  Unfortunately, people
and businesses can't always avoid becoming involved in lawsuits.  It
usually happens when someone either won’t, or just plain can’t, live up
to the promises and commitments they’ve made; or when someone
wants to be compensated for what they perceive as a wrong inflicted
on them by someone else.  Some types of cases, such as divorce and
probate cases, require some court filing and approvals even if the
parties are in complete agreement about what should happen.

As Utah Business LawyersBankruptcy Attorneys in Salt Lake City,
Utah Divorce Lawyers, and Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys
in Salt Lake City, Utah, at J.D.Milliner & Associates we regularly engage in litigation on behalf of our clients in our primary practice areas.  While our philosophy is that litigation should be used sparingly, and generally as a last resort when no other acceptable resolution can be reached, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get after it if and when the time comes.  We make regular appearances in the state, federal and bankruptcy courts, and have a good track record of achieving successful results for our clients.
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Utah Business, Divorce and Probate Litigation Attorneys

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